Study Guide

The Sun Also Rises Allusions

By Ernest Hemingway

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Literature, Philosophy, and Mythology

W.H. Hudson, The Purple Land (2.3)
Horatio Alger (2.3)
H.L. Mencken (6.2, 12.39)
A.E.W. Mason (12.31)
Circe, character in Greek mythology (13.52)
Ivan Turgenieff, a.k.a. Turgenev, Sportsman’s Sketches (14.1, 14.7)

Historical References

Most importantly, the specter of World War I is always lurking beneath the surface of this novel— references are made to it throughout.
Marshal Michel Ney (4.10)
Voluntary Aid Detachment, WWI (5.8)
William Jennings Bryan (12.36)

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