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The Sun Also Rises Book 1, Chapter 7

By Ernest Hemingway

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Book 1, Chapter 7

  • Jake learns from the concierge that Brett and a man stopped by his flat and plan to return in an hour. The concierge, who thought Brett was fairly trashy after her 4 a.m. arrival the previous evening, now speaks highly of her as a woman of class.
  • Jake digresses a little, and gives us a brief and hilarious description of Madame Duzinell, the concierge, who seems to think it’s her job to decide who gets to see Jake and who doesn’t. It’s a good thing Brett won her over.
  • Brett and the Count show up right as Jake jumps out of the shower. He’s struck once again with love pains and Brett sends the count off for champagne while she comforts Jake. Again, they discuss their love for one another, but agree they can’t be together. Brett admits that he’s her true love, but if they were together, she’d cheat on him all over the place. She tells him she’s leaving Paris for San Sebastian, a resort town in Spain.
  • The count returns with champagne. The champagne is really good. They drink (three bottles' worth) and smoke cigarettes while the count luxuriantly puffs on a cigar. The count, who is something of an odd duck (but a nice one), tells Brett that she’s got class written all over her, even if she’ll lose her title with her divorce. The usual snappy banter ensues.
  • They go for dinner and drink some expensive brandy, then head up to Montmartre to dance. Brett and Jake dance while the count watches.
  • Brett and Jake discuss her relationship with Mike—even though they’re engaged, she never thinks of him. Brett has a sudden mood swing, and doesn’t want to stay at the club. Jake has major déjà vu —he has the feeling that he and Brett are going to go through something they’ve already been through. The pair take their leave of the count, and Jake drops Brett off before heading home.

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