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The Sun Also Rises Book 2, Chapter 17

By Ernest Hemingway

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Book 2, Chapter 17

  • Having been dumped by Brett, Jake meets up with Mike, Bill, and Bill’s friend from the last chapter, Edna. They were kicked out of a pub by the police after fighting with some British patrons. The English, previously the pinnacle of hilarity, are now loudly denounced as scoundrels.
  • A long discussion ensues regarding Bill and Mike’s relative bankruptcy. Everyone, it seems, is in debt. The general feeling is that this is outrageously funny.
  • Cohn shows up at a café where Jake, Mike, Bill, and Edna are sitting and demands to know where Brett is. Jake won't tell him. In a fit of rage, Cohn denounces Jake as "a damned pimp." Mike cynically comments that Brett’s off with Romero on their "honeymoon."
  • Cohn knocks Jake and Mike out cold. It’s payback time!
  • Jake makes it back to the hotel in a daze. Cohn’s boxing, it appears, finally paid off.
  • Cohn feels guilty, cries and asks for forgiveness. All Jake can think about is taking a bath. Cohn announces he’s leaving in the morning. Jake couldn’t care less, but forgives him because it’s too much trouble not to. Then Jake goes to bed.
  • In the morning he wakes late and makes it just in time to see the running of the bulls. A man is badly gored and dies. Jake has a coffee and the waiter expresses disgust that people are being killed for kicks.
  • Jake’s jaw hurts. He denounces Cohn for believing that his love for Brett will conquer all despite the obvious reality that she couldn’t care less about him.
  • Jake runs into Bill and Mike. He learns that the previous evening Cohn found Brett with the bullfighter, beat him up, and then asked for forgiveness and didn’t get it. He hired a car and left. Brett’s off caring for Romero. Mike and Bill head to bed.

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