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The Sun Also Rises Book 2, Chapter 9

By Ernest Hemingway

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Book 2, Chapter 9

  • Jake receives word from Cohn that he’s in Spain. Bill and Jake agree to meet Cohn in Bayonne, Spain and travel together to Pamplona. Brett and Mike decide to join the trip to Pamplona. The men want to fish, but Brett wants to party.
  • Brett has Jake walk her back to her hotel to bathe again.
  • Brett reveals to Jake that she’s been in San Sebastian not with Mike but with Cohn. Sex is implied, but Brett says she finds Cohn dull. Ouch. Brett is worried Cohn will freak out if he comes on the trip, since Brett will be with Mike. Cohn insists on coming, anyway. Jake is sort of disgusted by the whole thing.
  • Jake and Bill head for Spain by train. They try to bribe the dining car conductor to seat them for lunch but he refuses—apparently, the train is packed with an American Catholic tour group on a pilgrimage to Rome.
  • Bill and Jake make small talk with an American family to pass the time.
  • Since they can’t have lunch, they drink epic amounts of wine. Bill is still mad and badmouths a Catholic priest, demanding to know when the Protestants will be allowed to eat. Not very PC.
  • They arrive at the station and meet Cohn, who’s a little shy around Bill. Apparently, Cohn has read all of Bill’s books (everyone and their mom is a writer in this book).

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