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Southern Gentlemen and Belles in The Unvanquished

Southern Gentlemen and Belles

The book has quite a population of Southerners, so we get a strange picture of the losing side from many different angles. There's Theophilus "Uncle Buddy" McCaslin, Uncle Buck's twin (yep, that name is even weirder), who is off fighting while his brother stays home.

Then there's Aunt Louisa, mother of Drusilla and Cousin Dennison (he goes by "Denny"). She, like the neighbor ladies Mrs. Compson and Mrs. Habersham, is really concerned with keeping up appearances. War or no war, ladies must be ladies. The trio of women makes sure Drusilla and John are married, whether they like it or not.

Then there's Brother Fortinbride, who becomes a preacher because of the war in another example of people doing things they wouldn't normally do because of the conflict. There's also Aunt Jenny, who comes to live with the Sartorises after the war is over and stays on even after John dies.

Finally we've got Professor Wilkins and Mrs. Wilkins, who own the boarding house where Bayard lives when he's at school. They're different from the country people we are used to; they're city folks who are against violence, revenge, and all the things guys like George Wyatt (John's friend) and Ben Redmond (John's killer) stand for.