Study Guide

The Usual Rules Chapter 11

By Joyce Maynard

Chapter 11

  • Wendy and Amelia let him in and he tells them that he's been traveling all day from California to see her. He says he wants Wendy to come back and live with him.
  • This shocks Wendy and she tells him that she lives here, and that she has Josh and Louie. But Garrett tells her that Josh isn't her real dad and that Louie is her half-brother, which—duh—totally upsets her.
  • He also says that her grandmother talked to a lawyer who said it'll be easy for him to take Wendy back to California because he's her only living biological parent. Oh good?
  • She argues and says that Josh wouldn't be the one to stop her from leaving—she'd be the one resisting, thank you very much. She doesn't want to leave her school, Amelia, or her family.
  • He tells her that she can come for a trial run and that he has a dog named Shiva. Wendy isn't sure.
  • The next day, Wendy talks to Josh and tells him about Garrett showing up like that. Josh seems bewildered and hurt when she tells him that Garrett said that she should be with a parent. After all, Josh considers Wendy his daughter, too.