Study Guide

The Usual Rules Chapter 12

By Joyce Maynard

Chapter 12

  • The next day at school, Amelia is waiting by Wendy's locker and says she can't believe that Garrett showed up like that out of the blue.
  • Amelia tells Wendy she should go to California, but Wendy isn't so sure. Even though the prospect of starting over again in California is tempting, she wants to be with Josh and her brother…
  • Eventually Wendy decides to leave in two days. She talks to Louie about it, even though he doesn't really understand that she'll be gone for a while.
  • Kate comes over and is all upset that Garrett showed up to claim Wendy when he was never a father to her before. But Wendy just says she has to go pack for her move.
  • Josh comes in while she's packing and admits that he doesn't want to do now that his life has been shattered; she says she doesn't know either, which is why she's going to California.
  • He tells her that maybe Garrett will be able to take care of her better since Josh is so messed up and depressed right now.
  • Wendy is surprised when he says this—she's thought this whole time that Josh would stop her from leaving. She never thought he'd actually let her go.