Study Guide

The Usual Rules Chapter 24

By Joyce Maynard

Chapter 24

  • Todd decides to walk Wendy back to her hotel so she'll be safe. He does a skateboarding trick along the way and ends up ripping his pant leg and hurting his arm.
  • Even though he says it isn't all that bad, Wendy tells him he can come back to her hotel room to rest and wash off his arm.
  • Todd agrees because he hasn't taken a hot shower in a long time. He takes a shower in her bathroom and then they watch TV together and eat her room service food.
  • As they sit there, Todd tells her more about his brother Kevin and how he was the only person in Todd's family that he could count on.
  • When it's almost morning, Todd says that he's going to go. Wendy gives him her phone number in New York and her phone number in Davis; she tells him to call if he's ever around.