Study Guide

The Usual Rules Chapter 25

By Joyce Maynard

Chapter 25

  • Wendy calls Josh and Louie from her hotel room, and Josh tells her that Louie's been going to a therapist. When she asks to talk to Louie, her brother refuses to come to the phone.
  • Then Garrett picks her up and takes her to see the redwood forests before they head back to Davis. They see a Blue Angels stunt flying event overhead, and Wendy gets nervous because it reminds her of the planes crashing into the towers.
  • As they drive home, Garrett admits that seeing his mother still bothers him because he can tell how disappointed she is in him—and because he's disappointed in the kind of mother she is. So much disappointment.
  • Then he admits he messed up when it came to Wendy's mother; he was scared of so much responsibility.