Study Guide

The Usual Rules Chapter 33

By Joyce Maynard

Chapter 33

  • Wendy spends a lot of her time playing the clarinet now and even starts inviting Henry over so they can play together.
  • He kisses her and she lets him, but it's not as exciting as it was with Todd. Still, she likes him and they start hanging out together a whole lot.
  • They spend more time playing duets than they do kissing, which Garrett finds hilarious. Henry turns out to be a friend more than a boyfriend, and Wendy's totally okay with that.
  • When Wendy calls Josh to tell him about band, he remarks that he's started to play music again, too; they're both healing in some ways.
  • Louie isn't doing so great, though. He's putting on this big act and pretending to be happy, but he always has awful nightmares and he doesn't want to play dress-up or anything.
  • When Wendy calls Louie to tell him that she might visit soon over summer vacation, he says that she'll just go away again. He's one sad little kid.
  • Wendy doesn't have time to go to Violet's place for a few weeks, but eventually she and Carolyn make the trip. When they get there, they're shocked to hear that Violet has given away Walter Charles to the couple that initially wanted to adopt him.
  • Then Wendy gets a phone call late in the night: It's Todd, and he's crying because his brother Kevin got into a snowboarding accident.
  • He tells her that Kevin damaged his spinal cord and may never walk again. Understandably, Todd is absolutely devastated.
  • A big storm hits, and a bunch of Carolyn's cacti are destroyed. The bad luck just keeps rolling in, huh?
  • As Wendy is playing the clarinet one day, she realizes that this isn't homeā€”California has been good for her, but she needs to go back to where she really belongs.