Study Guide

The Usual Rules Chapter 5

By Joyce Maynard

Chapter 5

  • When Wendy comes into the kitchen, she finds Josh cooking for the first time since 9/11 and feels relieved. She tells him that she called her dad and says she wants to pick up Louie now.
  • Louie asks where his mama is when they show up, and Josh tells him that they don't know yet. Then Louie has a tantrum and starts thrashing all over the place.
  • It's not until they're out of the building that he says that some girl at class told him that all the people got buried under the building, and that the people are all bits of dust now.
  • He starts sobbing when he sees a picture of his mother on one of the Missing fliers that Josh and Wendy put up. Poor kid.
  • When Wendy hangs out with Amelia, they go do normal things like listening to CDs at the music store. Amelia asks her about talking to her dad, but Wendy says that it was weird, like talking to a stranger.