Study Guide

The Usual Rules Chapter 9

By Joyce Maynard

Chapter 9

  • Wendy remembers how when she was in the third grade, Janet told her that she was going to be a big sister. Wendy was beyond excited and couldn't wait.
  • Wendy loved preparing for being a big sister and even carried heavy stuff around so she'd be ready to hold the baby for long periods of time.
  • Then when Janet went into labor, Wendy went to the hospital with Josh and waited; she was so excited to see Louie enter the world.
  • Wendy was surprised when people kept talking to her as though they expected her to dislike Louie or be jealous of him, saying things about how she was probably upset that he was around.
  • But Wendy never resented Louie—instead, being a big sister was always her favorite thing ever. She always adored him, and he adored her.
  • She remembers how when Louie was really little, she'd help Josh take care of him when her mother was at work and how wonderful it all was. The whole family was so happy.
  • They were a normal family, and Wendy has always considered Josh her dad and Louie her real brother—none of that "half-brother" business.
  • Once, Amelia asked her if she wasn't worried that her parents would get divorced and who would get Louie in the custody battle. Wendy said that she'd get Louie. She also said she wasn't worried because her mom and Josh were meant to be together forever.