Study Guide

The Usual Rules The Home

By Joyce Maynard

The Home

In The Usual Rules, Wendy leaves the only home she's ever known—New York City—to go live with her biological father in California. Throughout the story, we see Wendy living in these two different places and trying to come to grips with where she feels the most "at home" while struggling with the fear that she might never feel like anyplace is home again without her mother there. Ultimately, Wendy enjoys her time in California but decides she has to go back to New York City to live with Josh and Louie. Wherever they are is where she needs to be.

Questions About The Home

  1. Why does Wendy decide to go live with Garrett in California? What does this change of scenery enable her to do?
  2. Do you think Wendy ever seriously considers staying in Davis? Why or why not? What does this tell you about her relationship to home?
  3. How does Wendy's presence make Garrett's place more of a home? Bust out evidence from the text.

Chew on This

In The Usual Rules, home isn't so much about place as it is about people.

In The Usual Rules, home is ultimately very much about place.