Study Guide

The Walking Dead Fear

By Robert Kirkman


"Stop! Get away from me!" (35)

Even a courageous cop like Rick falls down and clumsily scuttles backwards when first faced with the undead.

"Look out!" (125)

Rick is scared of the overalls zombie, even though the former bumpkin is behind a fence. Morgan helps him keep his fear and his ammo in check, and not waste it on a creature that can't hurt them.

[Rick runs from a house, clutching his mouth, about to vomit.] (167)

Out of everything Rick has seen so far, the dead family scares him the most. It probably makes him fear what could have happened to his family, or what he would have done to his family in a similar situation.

"S***. S***. S***. S***." (200)

Yep, that's pretty much what we'd say, too, if we were surrounded by dozens of hungry zombies, even if we were on a horse. Rick knows enough about these creatures at this point to be afraid of them. Very afraid.

"No. No way in hell." (232)

Rick has to take a flying leap between two buildings. It's pretty terrifying. If he doesn't make it, he won't just fall to the ground, he'll fall to a ground covered in zombies and be their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.

"He can't sleep anymore unless he knows I'm right next to him." (284)

Carl's only seven, so it's no surprise that he's absolutely terrified to fall asleep at night. We imagine it would be scary to go to sleep at any age if there are zombies wandering the woods around your camp. How do you contain your own fear so that your kid has some minimum sense of security in a situation like this?

"I haven't had time to be scared." (294)

Rick's been running on pure adrenaline for two days, which has kept his fear at bay. Now that he has a moment to breathe, he has a moment to wonder about the future… and be scared of what it might hold.

"Jim's gun store is five blocks from where I found you. I never got that far in. There is no way we can do this." (425)

Glenn's normally pretty brave when heading into Atlanta, but even he has his limits. There are some parts of the city that have too many zombies. Heading into there would be suicidal, not courageous.

"No! No way! This isn't going to work… it just isn't." (453)

Rick and Glenn head into the heavily invested zones of Atlanta anyway, and this is a little role reversal between the two. Now it's time for Rick, who is strangely calm, to guide Glenn through the city and help him manage his fears.

[Lori drops her gun.] (614)

No matter how much gun training you've had, if you're scared, you're going to have a hard time keeping cool enough to aim a gun at a moving target.