Study Guide

The Walking Dead Not Exactly KOA

By Robert Kirkman

Not Exactly KOA

  • Rick and Ballcap make it to camp, where Rick sees his wife and son there. They run across the field and hug him.
  • Rick's partner Shane is also there. He'd helped Lori and Carl make it safely to the camp.
  • Shane introduces Rick to everyone:
    • Glenn, who we've been calling Ballcap
    • Allen, a guy with a beard and a plaid shirt
    • Donna, Allen's wife
    • Billy and Ben, Donna and Allen's twins
    • Dale, a man sitting on top of his camper with a rifle
    • Jim
    • Carol and her daughter, Sophia
    • Amy and Andrea, sisters
  • That night, Rick and Lori sit around the campfire, and Lori tells him that she thought he'd be safe in the hospital. They were supposed to keep it open.
  • She also has a moment of brief panic when she sees Rick's hand injury. He assures her it's not from a zombie; just from the IV he pulled out.
  • They're able to cuddle up in a tent as a family for the first time, and they all sleep through the night.
  • Rick wakes up and heads outside where Shane asks Rick if he wants to take a shower. Dozens of Rick/Shane 'shippers are disappointed that he doesn't mean together.
  • The shower in Dale's camper still works, and Rick helps himself.
  • When Rick gets out of the shower, Dale tells him that Shane has his eye on Lori. "I wouldn't trust him around my wife" (310). Rick thinks he's nuts for thinking that.
  • Shane and Rick go off hunting, Carl goes to play with Sophia, and Amy and Andrea are going to watch the kids "to get out of laundry duty" (322).
  • Donna thinks it's stupid that Lori and Carol are excited about trying out a new detergent (she's clearly never tried Mrs. Meyer's Lavender scent).
  • Donna thinks it's stupid that the men are off shooting guns while the women do laundry, but Lori believes a woman's place is doing laundry. She wouldn't trust herself with a gun, and she wouldn't trust Rick with a washing machine.
  • In the woods, Rick and Shane are wondering if things will ever get back to normal when they stumble across a nerdy zombie (complete with pocket protector) feasting on a dead deer.
  • They consider taking the deer away, but decide it wouldn't be safe to eat it. No one wants to eat meat that a zombie has double-dipped in.
  • While doing laundry, Lori, who can't use a gun, proves herself to be the worst person at survival ever when she tells Carol "you don't have to constantly keep watch" (347).
  • Of course, while Lori is telling the ladies about how she met Rick, a zombie sneaks up on them.
  • Allen, who's keeping watch, sees it and yells to them.
  • Donna won't get her stupid butt out of the way (what was she saying about how the women should be allowed to hunt, too?) and Allen can't get a clear shot off.
  • Dale pops up just in time and decapitates the zombie with an axe.
  • The zombie head is still alive, and it's chatty. "Guk," (371) it says. "Gak" (373).
  • Rick kills zombie nerd, and he and Shane hear a gunshot. They run back to camp to see that Allen has put the zombie head out of its misery.
  • Lori hugs Rick, who tells her everything is okay. Shane glares at them.