Study Guide

The Walking Dead The Home

By Robert Kirkman

The Home

When zombies attack, you have a choice: do you stay and fortify your home against the zombie horde, or do you run, and try to find food, shelter, and safety elsewhere? Staying put is rarely a good choice. To survive, you have to stay mobile, and one of the best ways to survive may be to find a way to build a home on the go. In their extreme situation, the characters have to redefine the meaning of home.

Questions About The Home

  1. Do you think Rick will ever get to return home?
  2. Morgan and Duane make their home next door to Rick's house. Why do they choose to squat there?
  3. Why doesn't Shane want to move the camp? Does he now consider the camp his home?

Chew on This

The motto of a post-zombie world: home is where the zombies aren't. The defining characteristic of a home in this world is safety.

Dale's RV shows us that homes can be mobile. The irony is that no one wants to move the darn thing.