Study Guide

Derek Foxe in The Wanting Seed

By Anthony Burgess

Derek Foxe

Tristram's elder brother and Beatrice-Joanna's secret lover, Derek Foxe is a man to be reckoned with. He's built a sky-rocketing career and an impeccable reputation by pretending to be gay (or Beatrice-Joanna thinks he's been pretending, anyway), but when the tide turns and heterosexuality is all the rage again, he's conveniently ready with Beatrice-Joanna and the twins to vouch for his baby-making virility.

As Metropolitan Commissioner of the Population Police, Derek is responsible for some pretty tyrannical treatment of English citizens; and, later, as an Executive in the newly-formed Ministry of Fertility, he seems to have his hand in the British Army massacres of English citizens.

So, not a great guy, in the end.