Study Guide

The Wanting Seed Part 1, Chapter 12

By Anthony Burgess

Part 1, Chapter 12

  • Tristram heads home, feeling slightly drunk and pretty upset about the beating he witnessed. He's shocked to see Derek stepping out of the elevator.
  • Derek lies and tells Tristram that he came to express sympathy for his nephew's death. Tristram doesn't believe him, but can't imagine why else he might have been there.
  • Inside their apartment, Beatrice-Joanna serves supper. She's still naked under her dressing gown, and Tristram makes a move. The two haven't had much sex since their son was born, and Beatrice-Joanna turns Tristram down.
  • Suddenly, Beatrice-Joanna remembers that her earlier tryst with Derek may have gotten her pregnant. She decides that it'd be a good idea to have sex with Tristram after all, so that if she is pregnant, there'll be no reason for him to suspect that the child isn't his.