Study Guide

The Wanting Seed Part 2, Chapter 4

By Anthony Burgess

Part 2, Chapter 4

  • Back at home, Tristram confronts Beatrice-Joanna about the pregnancy. He can't understand how it could have happened—he always makes sure to take his own birth control before they sleep together.
  • Tristram has a fleeting suspicion that Beatrice-Joanna has cheated on him, but she quickly convinces him otherwise.
  • Tristram tells Beatrice-Joanna that she needs to have an abortion, and Beatrice-Joanna tries to put him off. She feels entitled to another child, since her first one died.
  • Tristram tries to make Beatrice-Joanna understand that the state has become incredibly strict about population control.
  • Beatrice-Joanna tells him that she has an intuition that the Population Police won't bother her. She means, of course, that since the child is Derek's, he wouldn't dare let anyone harm her.
  • Tristram leaves to buy abortive agents at the State Druggist shops nearby.