Study Guide

The Wanting Seed Part 2, Chapter 6

By Anthony Burgess

Part 2, Chapter 6

  • Beatrice-Joanna is out running her usual domestic errands. She stops to gaze at the sea for a little while, then heads to the State Provisions Store to pick up her food rations.
  • On her way home, Beatrice-Joanna is confronted by a drunk, angry Tristram, who publicly accuses her of having an affair.
  • As Tristram yells at her, a group of fabric workers parade through the streets on a protest march. Tristram gets caught up in the crowd of protesters while Beatrice-Joanna ducks into their apartment building.
  • The protest is soon set upon by the armed police force, and amidst the violence and chaos, Tristram is rounded up into a van with a group of protestors.
  • Along with the others, Tristram is carted off to jail. How convenient.