Study Guide

The Wanting Seed Part 3, Chapter 11

By Anthony Burgess

Part 3, Chapter 11

  • That same day, Captain Loosley and a number of other officers of the Population Police are on route to Shonny and Mavis's farm. On the way, they see multiple pairs of men and women having sex in the open fields.
  • Dymphna and Llewelyn notice the police van and warn the adults before they arrive. While Beatrice-Joanna hides with the twins in the outhouse, Shonny and Mavis wait for the officers inside. Shonny attempts to cover for Beatrice-Joanna, but when Captain Loosley and the officers threaten to torture Dymphna and Llewelyn, Beatrice-Joanna appears in the doorway and gives herself up.
  • Captain Loosley assures Beatrice-Joanna and the others that he won't harm her or the twins. He says that all he wants to do is confront Derek with the proof of his misdeeds.