Study Guide

The Wanting Seed Part 4, Chapter 9

By Anthony Burgess

Part 4, Chapter 9

  • Tristram continues to walk/hitchhike north. In Preston, Tristram finds a congregation gathered together in an abandoned building that's been converted into a church. He decides to join them and listen to the service.
  • The officiating priest delivers an Easter sermon on the unity of all life, and tells the congregation that the gods of all world religions are simply different names for the same divinity.
  • The sermon is interrupted by a loud complaint from a member of the congregation. When Tristram looks around, he realizes that the interrupter is Shonny.
  • Shonny's outburst makes it clear that Dymphna and Llewelyn are dead. They've been sacrificed to the "false gods" of the local villagers, and eaten.