Study Guide

The Wanting Seed Part 5, Chapter 1

By Anthony Burgess

Part 5, Chapter 1

  • Beatrice-Joanna and the twins are now living with Derek, who occupies a high-ranking position in the Ministry of Fertility.
  • As Beatrice-Joanna flips through a fashion magazine, she notices how quickly things have changed: women are now being urged to be as sexy as possible.
  • Beatrice-Joanna has heard from Shonny that Tristram was looking for her in Preston, but Derek insists that Tristram is dead and gone.
  • Although she won't admit it to Derek, Beatrice-Joanna has some dark suspicions about the connections between the Ministry of Fertility and the National Army.
  • While a maid gets the twins ready for an afternoon walk, Beatrice-Joanna writes a love letter to Tristram, and addresses it to the British Army. She doesn't know for sure that he's in the army (Derek insists that he isn't), but she thinks there's a chance.