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The White Darkness Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


  • Sym's still talking to Titus; she's also talking to Sigurd, whom she shares the back area with. They chat and sleep as Victor and Manfred drive.
  • As they travel, Sym becomes less and less sure of reality. Did Manfred really almost start a fire before, or did she imagine that?
  • Meanwhile, Sigurd seems totally unfazed by everything that's going on. He's calm, cool, and collected. Sym's jealous—she knows enough about Antarctica to be very nervous.
  • To take her mind off things, she focuses on the trail they're leaving for the rescuers. (She's tossing empty fuel cans out of the back every so often.)
  • Sym's trying to be brave, so she poops outside as part of their trail, claiming it can be seen in the snow from a mile away. It's all very strange, and Sigurd seems unimpressed.
  • Sym's finding it difficult to talk to Titus because Sigurd wants to talk so much. They flirt.
  • During the conversation, Sym mentions that she knows Manfred wants to make a movie with Mimi. Sigurd seems alarmed. Sym notices.
  • Sym tries to apologize about the whole Uncle Victor drugging everybody thing, but Sigurd says it's no big deal.
  • As they chat, Sigurd makes a comment about Sym being rich. Thing is, Sym's not rich, and she thinks it's weird he'd say that.
  • After a brief interlude for kissing, Sym asks Sigurd about his dreams. He says he wants to be an actor.
  • The vehicle's stopped and Victor's in the back to refuel. Sym asks if she can move to the front seat. The answer is no.
  • Victor knows they've been making out and he thinks it's grand. Sym's a little confused. Shouldn't Victor care more?
  • They're back on the road. Sym lies and tells Sigurd she's had sex before, though she's not even sure why she's lying.
  • Sym hates herself a little for not being more into Sigurd and wonders if something's wrong with her.
  • She has a conversation with Titus about sex and he says something that surprises her. Sym thinks that's odd because he never surprises her—you know, since he's a figment of her own imagination.
  • Sym realizes that Sigurd and Manfred think they're going to make it home alive. Apparently, she does not agree.

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