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The White Darkness Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Looking Back

  • Sym and Sigurd can't stop looking back for Manfred. Irrationally, they hope he'll catch up.
  • Sym promises Sigurd they can go back for his "dad." Of course, Manfred wasn't his dad, but Sym seems to be having trouble adjusting to this new information. She can't even take in Sigurd's real name.
  • Sigurd explains why Victor's ruse was so believable: Victor has been paying them thousands of pounds using checks that actually cleared. Also he paid for the trip.
  • Sym remembers that Manfred doesn't have his gloves, and somehow this detail makes his inevitable death seem more real. Sym begs Victor to go back for him.
  • Victor's all like, no worries—Manfred won't suffer because I totally poisoned him.
  • Now Sym's worried that Victor killed everyone back at camp. He tells her to chill, though; he just drugged them so they would sleep.
  • (Except for the journalist who died in the plane explosion—Victor definitely killed him, since he caused the explosion.)
  • Sym and Sigurd are walking in front of the vehicle again. Worst job ever.
  • To wit, they fall through a crack in the ice.

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