Study Guide

The White Darkness Chapter 16

By Geraldine McCaughrean

Chapter 16


  • Sym and Sigurd are falling through the abyss. Fortunately, they're tethered to the vehicle, so eventually they're just swinging through the air.
  • Sigurd has accidentally swallowed snow, though, and he's not doing so well. Sym tries to keep her cool.
  • Oh, here's Victor to the rescue. Let's hope he doesn't screw this up…
  • Sym tries to distract Sigurd by telling him a story about Titus's expedition. Thoughtfully, she leaves out the part where everyone died.
  • To occupy themselves, Sym and Sigurd play a sort of music on the ice stalactites; Sigurd reveals that he plays the keyboards in real life.
  • One of the stalactites comes crashing down, brushing Sym's leg. Wonder if it cut her…
  • Sigurd's doing even worse than before—now he's changing color. Sym asks Titus to go show Victor how to reverse the vehicle.
  • Victor reverses the vehicle. Well done, Victor.
  • Though she almost died, Sym has to credit Victor with the plan to have her and Sigurd walk ahead. If they hadn't fallen into the crack, the vehicle would have—and that would have been far worse.
  • Momentarily setting aside the fact that he's a murderer, Sym's faith in Uncle Victor is restored.
  • Victor tries to warm Sym, and Sym tentatively brings up the idea of turning back.
  • Victor asks Sigurd if he wants to turn back. Sigurd says no way—he wants to find Symmes's Hole.
  • Sigurd has another announcement: He loves Sym. Sym's floored.
  • Victor's very pleased. He refers to Sigurd as Sym's "mate."
  • Sym realizes she has a deep cut on her leg. Also, she misses her mum. Fair enough.

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