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The White Darkness Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Open Wounds

  • Sym tells us the climate in Antarctica is so bad that it can un-heal old wounds. It opened up Titus's scar from a bullet wound, for instance. Whoa.
  • Sym tells Titus that her father never loved her. Titus is like, "Um, says who? Uncle Victor? In case you haven't noticed, he's crazy."
  • Sym is pretty stoked that Sigurd is in love with her.
  • Sigurd says he didn't actually want to go forward to find Symmes's Holeā€”he just said that so Victor wouldn't murder him.
  • Sym's like, oh no, were you kidding about the being in love with me thing? Shoot.
  • Sigurd's like, no way, girl. I love you for real.
  • Meanwhile, Titus seems suspicious of Sigurd. Which means, of course, that Sym is, too.
  • Sym asks Victor if she was named after Symmes's Hole. The answer, as you may have guessed, is yes.
  • As Sym asks more questions, it begins to come to light that Victor murdered Sym's father for giving up on their quest to find Symmes's Hole.
  • The reason her father gave up on the quest, it turns out, was to keep Sym safe. So he loved her after all, even though he was ultimately murdered for it. It's a good news/bad news sort of day.

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