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The White Darkness Chapter 22

By Geraldine McCaughrean

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Chapter 22

Fire and Ice

  • Sym wonders if she's hallucinating since she sees the vehicle Sigurd stole in the distance.
  • She isn't (phew), but Sigurd isn't exactly happy to see Sym. He doesn't want to let her into the vehicle, but he does. Just before she passes out, Sym tells him she needs the adrenaline from the first aid box.
  • Good morning, sunshine—Sym's awake and the feeling is coming back into her limbs. Sigurd tells her about what he's been up to. He broke the vehicle, by the way.
  • Sym and Sigurd aren't doing so well in the broken-down vehicle; there's little food and no fuel. But hey, at least they're alive.
  • Suddenly, Sym wonders where Titus has gone. When she starts running around looking for him, Sigurd seems alarmed.
  • Sym remembers the item she found in Victor's pocket: It's Mimi's special phone.
  • The teenagers call the last number dialed because they're not sure what number will work. They get someone's answering machine, leave an incoherent message, then the phone dies.
  • Sym suggests that they have sex. Sym dismisses the offer; she'd just as soon die.
  • Over time, she realizes there's still fuel in the vehicle's tank. It's frozen, though, so she decides she's going to blow up the vehicle in the hopes that it will attract rescuers.
  • Making a fuse out of her own hair, Sym prepares her bomb and waits for the sound of an aircraft.
  • Oh, here's one now: Sym blows up the vehicle against the protestations of Sigurd. They wait by the fire, hoping they'll be rescued.

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