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The White Darkness Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Worlds Within Worlds

  • Sym learns from Victor and Manfred that the world is hollow. Sounds a bit suspect, right? Like the whole "the world is flat" thing?
  • The hollow earth theory is the work of a real dude named Jon Cleeves Symmes. He lived 140 years ago, which is presumably back when people thought the earth was hollow.
  • Symmes's Hole, as its called, is the object of Victor's obsession, and after fifteen years of looking, he thinks he's found it. This seems plausible to Sym, who thinks Victor is a genius.
  • Manfred, who is a film director, is on the trip to film Victor's journey to find Symmes's Hole—that's how they know each other. Also, it seems they've been planning this for a while.
  • Sym describes Symmes's Hole as a portal that leads to an underground labyrinth. Oh sure, sounds legit.
  • Victor tells Sym that explorers—including Titus (her Titus)—have been looking for the portal for years. It's just that no one has been successful. Yet.
  • Sym is having a hard time believing all this, but if Victor said it, it must be true… right?

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