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The White Darkness Deception

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Whoa boy—the characters in The White Darkness are guilty of telling some real whoppers. Among the most egregious are Manfred and Sigurd Bruch, who are con men posing as Vikings, and Victor, who is a horrible nightmare person posing as a caring uncle. While Sym is our hero, she's guilty of telling lies, too. She constantly tries to trick herself into believing people are trustworthy when she knows full well they aren't. Why does she feel the need to lie to herself in this way? Is the reason behind it more understandable and noble than the lies the other characters tell?

Questions About Deception

  1. What is the most devastating deception described in the novel? Explain your answer.
  2. Do you think Victor realizes his deceptions are wrong? Or would he say the end justifies the means?
  3. Who is the biggest deceiver in the book? Explain your choice.

Chew on This

Sym is deceived by a lot of people, but above all, she's guilty of deceiving herself.

In the world of The White Darkness, no one can be trusted. People are inherently untrustworthy.

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