Study Guide

Marcello in The White Devil

By John Webster


Marcello is Flamineo's younger brother—he's also one of Camillo's co-workers, helping to attack pirates on the coast of Italy. Even though he's meant to be one of the good guys, this noble teen (he's apparently on the young side) will probably rub a lot of readers the wrong way. He's an Anti-Semite, saying of Jews, "Oh, there are too many!" (3.3). He would rather murder his sister than have let her set eyes on Brachiano (3.1). He kicks Zanche, who is in a relationship with Flamineo, and calls her "a strumpet, / An impudent one." (5.1). This last altercation leads Flamineo to murder Marcello, running him through with a sword. (5.2). Naturally, this proves pretty upsetting to their mother, Cornelia, but probably not to too many people reading the play.