Study Guide

The Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath's Prologue Lines 835-862

By Geoffrey Chaucer

Lines 835-862

  • The Friar laughs at the Wife's speech, and says that this is a long introduction to a tale.
  • When the Summoner hears this, he says that a friar likes to meddle in places where he's not wanted, and that the Friar is preventing him and the rest of the pilgrims from enjoying the Wife's speech.
  • Taking offense, the Friar promises to tell two or three offensive tales about friars before they get to Sidyngborne.
  • The Summoner promises the same to the Friar.
  • The Host cries for peace, and says the Friar and Summoner argue like two drunken men.
  • The Host asks the Wife to continue.
  • The Wife agrees, if she has the permission of the Friar.
  • He grants it.