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Ms. Silver in The Year of Billy Miller

Ms. Silver

Ms. Silver is Billy's second grade teacher and she's pretty much the best. Seriously, this lady knows how to get Billy learning cool facts, making neat art projects, and feeling more confident all in the same year. She takes her organized attitude and her love for creativity and she packages it all up into a pretty great second-grade experience.

Ms. S is also a really great cheerleader for her students. So when Billy is nervous that he can't hack it in second grade because of that lump on his head, she knows how to perk him right back up:

"You are very smart." […]


That one word said in Ms. Silver's voice made him feel as if he were filled with helium like a balloon and might rise off the floor. (1.5.60, 63-64)

Check out how Ms. Silver makes Billy feel: He went from being down in the dumps to over the moon, and all because Ms. S knows how to be encouraging as all get-out. Plus, did you notice that it's not just the word she used ("smart") but also that Billy can hear "Ms. Silver's voice" saying it that makes it so extra special? She doesn't just talk the talk—Ms. S walks the walk, too.