Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 12

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 12

  • The next morning, Jody hears a ship pass Grandma's house, and realizes Oliver has come home.
  • He runs out of his room—stark naked. What is it with these people and nudity?
  • Oliver comes in and greets everyone, and starts handing out presents.
  • And yep, Jody is still naked.
  • His Pa tells him to get dressed, but Grandma takes her shawl and ties it around his waist.
  • Oliver starts telling stories while Grandma makes breakfast.
  • He gives Penny some tobacco from Turkey and Jody a hunting knife. Sweet! Guess they won't be boarding any airplanes today.
  • Jody tells Oliver what Lem Forrester had said about Twink Weatherby, but he laughs it off.
  • Of course, now the talk turns to girls, and Penny teases Jody about Eulalie again. Hee-hee.
  • Grandma doesn't really approve of Ory, and says so.
  • Finally, Oliver leaves to go visit Twink. Jody's mad at him for leaving so soon,
  • Suddenly, Easy comes back to get Penny. Oliver has gotten into a fight at the store with three of the Forresters.
  • Penny and Jody hurry to help, and Jody tries to decide whose side he's on.
  • He figures it out pretty quick, jumps on Lem's back, and starts whaling on him.
  • Penny tries to talk some sense into them, but they won't listen, so he gets pulled into the fray, too.
  • Lem knocks Jody out. Ouch.

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