Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 16

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 16

  • Jody is having the time of his life with the fawn.
  • Buck is doing huge amounts of work for them, and Penny is slowly recovering.
  • One night, some foxes get into the corn crop, so Buck tells Jody he'll show him how to hunt them. This ain't no British fox hunt!
  • First, though, they go gather moss and find a bee-tree, light the moss on fire, and start chopping down the tree.
  • The bees swarm out, and Buck and Jody run to the sinkhole to hide in the mud and water.
  • Once the bees give up, drugged by the smoke, they crack open the tree and get all the honey out.
  • Buck tells the Baxters he'll be leaving in the morning, and teases Penny about trading Lem that useless dog. Out of all the Forresters, Lem's the only one who's really mad at Penny and Jody.
  • That night, Buck takes Jody out to the cornfield, and they shoot two foxes.
  • But while they're out, a bear, attracted by the honey, tries to get the fawn. Not to worry: Buck shoots him, and they split the meat. Mm, bear meat.
  • After everyone goes to sleep, Jody sneaks out and brings the fawn inside to keep him safe.

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