Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 19

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 19

  • September arrives, and the Baxters need rain.
  • They're in luck, because it starts to look like rain is headed their way…but then signs start to point to a hurricane. Uh-oh.
  • Right before the storm hits, Jody runs to get the eggs from the chicken coop—just in time to get soaked and almost blown away as he runs back inside.
  • Penny figures it'll be a three-day nor'easter, and they settle in cozily, eating and telling stories. They even let Flag and Julia inside. Don't you just love rainy days?
  • The next day Penny ventures out to milk Trixie the cow and feed the animals, but there's no break in the rain.
  • On the third day, their clearing is flooded, and they're reduced to drinking rainwater. Hmmm, not so fun anymore.
  • When Jody goes out to milk the cow, he finds that she has broken through the bars to her calf, and moved to a higher corner of the barn with her—and there's almost no milk left. Yikes!
  • On the fifth day, Penny and Jody run outside to check on some of the crops. They're all moldy on the outside, but still pretty good inside.
  • The sixth and seventh days, they head out into the downpour again to harvest anything they can possibly save.
  • Even Penny is losing hope now, but finally, on the eighth day, the rain stops. Thank goodness!
  • The entire family steps outside, two by two, like animals coming out of the ark. There had definitely been a floody-woody.

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