Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 20

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 20

  • Buck and Mill-wheel Forrester show up to see if Penny and Jody want to come with them to take a look at the damage, so they'll know what to expect. Um, we're guessing they're going to find a lot of water.
  • As they ride, they see dead animals scattered everywhere, on the higher dry ground and floating in the flood waters. Freaky.
  • They stop by Doc Wilson's house to check on him, but he's left a note saying he skedaddled to avoid the storm. Smart man.
  • They shoot a bunch of wildcats, so they won't come after their farm animals, and then set up camp for the night.
  • They eat and tell stories, and eventually fall asleep.
  • But suddenly, Penny wakes Jody up. He's heard an alligator nearby! Hey—what do alligators say, anyway? Cows say 'moo'…and apparently alligators say 'whooo?'
  • They run at it to drive it away, and go back to sleep. They can sleep after that?
  • The next morning, they continue their trek, finding a huge flooded area full of fish—and, yikes, bears.
  • They decide to shoot some for the meat, and Jody actually hits one. Go Jody!
  • They load it up onto their horses, and then each family heads for home.

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