Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 22

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 22

  • So many wild animals have died now, that hunting for food is practically impossible—and the few predators left have gotten way bolder. Super.
  • One night in November, Old Slewfoot returns, and kills another of the Baxters' pigs. He is so mean!
  • Penny gets sick, so they can't hunt him, but they do decide to go ahead and kill the rest of their hogs themselves early, so they can be sure to have at least some meat this winter.
  • Jody gets the job of grinding corn into meal, and lets Flag frolic around him while he works.
  • But Flag's mischief is getting worse. He finds their pile of sweet potatoes and tramples and nibbles them until most of them are ruined. Man, he's just as bad as Slewfoot.
  • Penny tells Jody he's got to keep him locked in the shed when he's not with him, but Flag hates it there so much, Jody decides to build him a pen.
  • He works all day on it, and puts Flag in—only to burst into tears when Flag jumps right out again!
  • Penny helps him build a cage to put the remaining sweet potatoes in, instead.
  • Flag keeps knocking over cans and getting into things, but Jody manages to keep the damage to a minimum. Good thing, too, since they're so short on everything.

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