Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 24

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 24

  • The poison kills all but about a dozen or two wolves, and Penny agrees to help hunt those down the honest way.
  • Jody and Penny rise early to get ready and meet the Forresters. Yay! Field trip!
  • They head out to a water-hole where the few remaining game animals come to drink, and where they think they'll find the wolves, too.
  • As they wait there for the wolves to show, they see a buck. Lem wants to shoot it, but decides the wolves are more important. Wow—could Lem actually be acting reasonable for once?
  • They come up with a plan. Jody will run around behind the wolves and shoot at them to drive them towards the men.
  • He's terrified, but he does it, and they kill 12 wolves.
  • The rest have escaped, but they don't want to risk sending the dogs after them, so they turn their attention to capturing the ten little baby bear cubs they find nearby.
  • They decide the Forresters will sell them in Jacksonville, and while they're there, pick up some things the Baxters need, using their share of the money. Shop till you drop, y'all!
  • When Penny wants to leave, Lem thinks he really intends to go shoot the buck they saw before, but Penny says he just needs to shoot an alligator for dog food. Guess you can't just pick up some Purina at Wal-Mart, after all.
  • They go their separate ways, and Penny gets his gator.
  • But on their way home, a buck crosses their path, and Penny shoots it, too.
  • They get home, and Ma is all excited. She writes up a shopping list for the Forresters to take along with them to Jacksonville.
  • It's like shopping online, but without the internet. Or the computer. And instead of a credit card, you use bears.
  • The next morning, the Forresters stop by on their way to Jacksonville to get the list.
  • As they're leaving again, Lem sees that Penny shot a buck the day before after all, and knocks Penny up against the smoke-house wall. Dude, watch it.
  • Ory runs inside to get Penny's gun, but Penny insists it was pure chance he got that buck—he hadn't been lying to Lem.
  • Lem leaves him, and Buck apologizes. The Forresters head out. Thank goodness.
  • Jody can't understand why his Pa didn't fight back and he hates Lem even more now. We don't blame him one bit.

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