Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 25

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 25

  • The bear cubs sell for so much that Buck is able to get the Baxters everything on their list, and a little bag of silver and copper, to boot!
  • The Forresters are acting weird towards Penny now, though, and he figures they believe Lem.
  • They decide they can go to the Christmas service and festivities in town this year, since they've got some extra moola.
  • Jody makes his Ma a necklace out of bright red Cherokee bean seeds for a Christmas gift, and hides it in his room. Aww! How sweet!
  • Penny and Jody go deer hunting to get some venison to trade in town, so Ory can buy some fabric.
  • She wants to add a panel to her old wedding dress, so it'll fit well enough to wear to the festival.
  • While they're hunting, the dogs find a deer trail, but refuse to follow it. What's up with that?
  • Penny was furious, till he found out it was Flag's trail.
  • They do shoot some deer, though, and as they prepare to go trading, they decide they'll only make it a day-trip, and not spend the night at Grandma Hutto's, since she and Ory don't get along. (Understatement of the century.)
  • The family gets all dressed up to go into town, and when they get to the store, Mr. Boyles is dying to hear news about the flood.
  • Ory buys ingredients for a fruitcake, but they're out of the fabric she wanted. The black alpaca wool they have is nice, but too expensive. Alpacas are just so cool, aren't they?
  • She sends Jody outside so she can buy him a gift, and then she goes over to Grandma Hutto's alone, to wait for them.
  • Penny doesn't want her to have to do without a new dress, so he buys her the wool after all—enough to make a brand new dress! How romantic!
  • Then he and Jody head over to Grandma Hutto's, where Ory and Grandma are arguing about whether women should wear frills. Seriously?
  • Penny calms them down, and they eat dinner and discuss their Christmas plans.
  • Before they leave, Penny warns Grandma about Lem. Good idea—that guy definitely has some anger management issues.

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