Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 3

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 3

  • Jody wakes up, heads to the kitchen, and starts examining himself in the mirror.
  • He declares that he's ugly, and his Ma agrees. Real nice!
  • Then he tells her he wishes he was dark, like the Forresters.
  • She tells him he should be proud he isn't, and that the Forresters are as "black as their hearts."
  • Brain Snack: "dark" and "black" don't mean "African-American" here—it just means dark-haired and sometimes having a slightly darker complexion.
  • Lem Forrester had made fun of him, too, telling him his ears looked funny. Boy, this guy makes the rounds, doesn't he?
  • Suddenly, their old dog Julia starts barking like crazy, and he hears his Pa outside, too.
  • He runs out to find that their brood sow has been killed in the night, and the tracks point to Old Slewfoot, a giant bear with one missing toe. Think he'd get a discount at a nail salon?
  • They drag the carcass to the house to use what meat is left. Mmm bear leftovers.
  • Ma freaks out, and demands to know how the bear got her without the dogs making a fuss.
  • Old Slewfoot is just really smart and sneaky—he knew the wind was in his favor.
  • They sit down to eat breakfast, and tease Ma a little to cheer her up.

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