Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 31

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 31

  • They figure Penny must have "ruptured," or gotten a hernia, because he doesn't recover. Ow!
  • The corn starts growing, and Penny warns Jody to keep Flag away from it.
  • Jody takes Flag squirrel hunting, and everyone is pleased with their success…
  • …until the next day, when Jody goes outside to find that Flag has eaten all the corn crops! Only a few tiny plants are left!
  • Jody is horrified, but has to tell his Pa. Oh man, oh man, oh man.
  • Pa discusses the situation with Ma, and they come up with a fiendishly clever plan.
  • Jody is to go get the ears of corn they still have stored, shell them, and plant those seeds. Then he has to build a strong, tall pen to keep Flag confined.
  • He runs off to obey. Once he finishes the planting, it takes him forever to haul the wood for the pen to their property.
  • Finally, he can start building it, and Ma is so impressed at his days of hard work that she actually helps! Well! There's a first time for everything!
  • They're almost done, when they realize that Flag has eaten the second crop of corn sprouts, too! (Cue the sinking feeling.)
  • Ory goes inside to tell Pa, and he calls Jody in.
  • He tells Jody to take Flag into the woods and shoot him.

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