Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 5

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 5

  • Penny has decided to head over to the Forresters' house to trade for a new gun. Ya think?
  • He's going to trade their new dog, who isn't really good for any practical purpose.
  • Jody runs around like a chicken with its head cut off doing his chores, so he can come, too.
  • They ride down an old trail, which Penny tells Jody was made by the Spaniards who settled Florida.
  • Guess we know where this story takes place now.
  • When they come to the Forresters', there's a huge commotion going on inside. (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
  • They stop their argument when they hear Penny, and Jody's crippled friend Fodder-wing comes out to meet him.
  • He's called Fodder-wing because he once tried to fly by attaching a bunch of animal fodder—hay—to his arms and jumping off the barn. Brilliant.
  • Fodder-wing shows Jody his collection of pets, a huge number of adorable wild animals he's tamed.
  • Jody finally asks why they had been fighting, and Fodder-wing tells him it was because one of the dogs had an accident on the floor, and they couldn't agree whose dog did it.
  • Easy to set off, these guys, aren't they?

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