Study Guide

The Yearling Chapter 7

By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Chapter 7

  • Ma Forrester tells her boys to wash their dishes, which they do! Jody is shocked.
  • Then they all settle down to listen to Penny's hunting story.
  • Penny knows how to make his stories spellbinding, and the Forresters are riveted. It was so good, it was like a "magic, that held these huge hairy men eager and breathless" (7.15). (Hee-hee. Hairy.)
  • Afterwards, Lem insists on trading Penny a new gun for his dog.
  • Penny protests, but Lem says he'll come steal him if he won't trade, so he agrees. (Yes!)
  • They all tell stories now about Slewfoot, and Buck Forrester even fixes Penny's old gun for him, too.
  • Finally, Penny says it's time to go, but Jody decides to spend the night.
  • Fodder-wing tells Jody that he's seen a Spaniard on a black horse riding by the Baxter's sinkhole, which totally freaks Jody out.
  • They go to bed, but not for long—the dogs start chasing something through the house, and all seven Forrester boys are running with them, buck naked.
  • Okay, is it just us, or is that weird?
  • To add to the weirdness, they all decide to stay up and play the fiddle—still naked.
  • So basically, Jody is at a nudist party, singing and laughing, while Ma Forrester cooks them a super-early bird special breakfast.
  • This situation has rapidly moved from weird to awesome.
  • Lem mentions to Jody that he wishes his girlfriend, Twink Weatherby, was there to dance with him.
  • Um, we're betting she's pretty glad she's not there right now.
  • Jody tells him that Twink is Oliver's girlfriend, and Lem threatens to rip his tongue out. Yikes. Sounds like someone needs a nap.
  • Finally, Buck takes Jody home once breakfast is over. With clothes on.

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