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Things Fall Apart Chapter Nineteen

By Chinua Achebe

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Chapter Nineteen

  • As his term of exile draws to a close, Okonkwo bitterly regrets his seven years of banishment, seeing them as a lost opportunity to improve his standing in his fatherland of Umuofia.
  • Knowing that his time in Mbanta is coming to an end, Okonkwo sends money to Obierika to build some temporary huts for him in Umuofia in preparation for his return.
  • Okonkwo impatiently waits through the wet season – the last months of his required stay in Mbanta.
  • As the rain season draws to a close, Okonkwo decides to throw a farewell feast for the Mbanta people, to show his gratitude.
  • Okonkwo puts Ekwefi in charge of preparing cassava for the feast.
  • Two of Okonkwo’s daughters, Ezinma and Obiageli, gather cassava tubers a few days before the scheduled feast.
  • Okonkwo’s final feast is noted for its copious amounts of food – it’s almost like a wedding celebration. Okonkwo serves to impress.
  • Though the feast is a show of gratitude, Okonkwo also emphasizes that the gathering is justified merely because “it is good for kinsmen to meet.”
  • At the end of the feast, one of the elders speaks up and gives a warning to the younger generation. He fears for them because he feels the bonds of kinship are breaking, which allows Christianity to pollute their land and steal their men from their gods and their families.
  • With that ominous note, he thanks Okonkwo for his generosity.

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