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Thirteen Reasons Why Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


  • Our unnamed narrator is mailing a package. He has a horrible headache.
  • The day before, he got the very same package in the mail, and now he's mailing it to the next person "on Hannah Baker's list" (1.3).
  • He pays the postage and drinks his coffee. It's no longer hot, but he needs something to wake him up. The clerk tells him the package will get there tomorrow or the next day.
  • Jenny, the person he's mailing the package to, will never be the same again.
  • The closer the narrator gets to school, the worse his head hurts. He feels horrible and just wants to pass out somewhere.
  • If he goes to school, he'll have to see Mr. Porter, the last person who will get Hannah Baker's package.
  • And if he goes into Mr. Porter's classroom, he'll have to see Hannah Baker's empty desk.
  • So far, so mysterious.

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