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Thirteen Reasons Why Chapter 12

By Jay Asher

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Chapter 12

Cassette 5: Side B

  • Tony drives on and Clay asks him if he blames him for Hannah's death. No, he doesn't blame him.
  • Clay still wants to know why Tony has Hannah's second set of tapes. Tony promises to tell him after he listens to the second side of this tape.
  • On the recording, Hannah continues the story of the party. After Clay left, the couple from the couch came into the bedroom. Hannah was still on the floor.
  • She's still not mentioning the couple by name, but Clay knows she's talking about Justin and Jessica.
  • It was obvious that the girl was really drunk, but the guy was still trying to have sex with her. When he couldn't get her to respond, he gave up and left the room.
  • Hannah could see his shoes under the door; he seemed to be guarding the door while the girl was inside.
  • Hannah moved to leave the room, but then she saw another set of shoes and the door opened.
  • It was the guy's friend, trying to convince the guy (Justin) to let him in the room so he could have sex with the girl while she was passed out. Absolutely despicable.
  • At first, this guy said no. But his friend pushed and pushed, and finally he changed his mind and let his friend in.
  • Afraid, Hannah hid in the closet "beating [her] forehead into the pile of jackets" (12) on the closet floor. The music was pumping loud throughout the house.
  • Clay realizes who the friend must be: Bryce Walker.
  • Hannah heard him getting on the bed and having sex with the drunk girl.
  • She knows she could have stopped it, and she has no excuse for not doing just that.
  • At that point, Tony pulls up to the house where the party was and Clay jumps out of the car and vomits. We certainly understand why.
  • Back on the tape, Hannah says that after a few songs played, the guy got up and left the room.
  • Hannah ran down the hall and saw Justin sitting on a bed by himself. He stared at her. She stared back. They said nothing.
  • Hannah says she knows that she's almost as much to blame for what happened to Jessica as Justin is. Both of them allowed it to happen.
  • She asks her listeners: "So why is this tape about Justin? What about the other guy? Isn't what he did worse?" (12.90).
  • And then she answers her own question:
  • "Yes. Absolutely yes. But the tapes need to be passed on. And if I sent them to him, they would stop. Think about it. He raped a girl and would leave town in a second if he knew that […]we knew" (12.91).
  • Clay tries to recover from his attack of nausea and asks Tony what he did to Hannah.
  • Tony says he didn't do anything. Again, he promises to explain as soon as Clay finishes this tape, which is almost over.
  • On tape, Hannah wonders if Justin is still friends with that guy.
  • She wants Justin to know that even though neither of them raped the girl, it's still their fault.
  • That's the end of the tape, and Clay asks Tony to finally explain how he fits into all of this.

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