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Thirteen Reasons Why Chapter 14

By Jay Asher

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Chapter 14

Cassette 6: Side B

  • After the party, Hannah began planning to kill herself.
  • We know she recorded the tapes the day before her suicide because she says, "tomorrow. . . I'm going to do it. [. . . ] Wow" (14.29-30).
  • The next day, she will mail the tapes to Justin, go to school late, and then take the overdose.
  • She says this tape is about one of the last weekends of her life. A week after the party, there was another one, this time a few houses down from where she was house-sitting over the weekend.
  • Although it was close by, she wasn't about to go to this party. She still hadn't recovered from the last one.
  • Clay remembers the last words he and Hannah said to each other. It was the day before her death, and the two of them bumped into each other in the hall. They both said "I'm sorry," then looked into each other's eyes for a moment. And that was it.
  • Back on the tape, Hannah says that this second party was actually at Courtney Crimson's.
  • When it seemed like it had died down, Hannah decided to take a walk and see if anyone was drunk and needed a ride home.
  • When she walked by Courtney's house, she heard her name. It was Bryce Walker calling to her over Courtney's backyard fence. He said she should get into the hot tub with him and Courtney.
  • She knew she shouldn't, but she decided to join them. She stripped down to her bra and underwear and got in.
  • The water felt really good, and she relaxed. At the same time, she felt "terror" (14.98). She knew these two were bad news for her.
  • But she didn't care anymore. She gave up.
  • Soon Bryce started touching Hannah under the water.
  • Hearing this, Clay punches a rusty fence and his fist starts bleeding.
  • Back in Hannah's story, Courtney left the hot tub. Bryce continued to touch Hannah, and even though she didn't want him to, she didn't tell him to stop.
  • She was sure he could tell that she wanted him to stop, but he kept going.
  • He rapes her.
  • After it was over, she went back to where she was house-sitting.
  • The tape ends. Clay walks to a gas station and buys some rubbing alcohol and Band-Aids. He cleans his hand in the bathroom.
  • He jogs, about to listen to the thirteenth tape.

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