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Thirteen Reasons Why Chapter 2

By Jay Asher

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Chapter 2

Yesterday, One Hour After School

  • We now learn our narrator's name: Clay Jensen.
  • He gets home from school and finds a package with his name on it. (We know it's "yesterday" so this is probably the package he was sending out in the prologue).
  • Excited, he opens it and finds seven audio cassette tapes. Both sides of each cassette are numbered with blue nail polish – except the seventh cassette.
  • Only one side of the seventh cassette is numbered, so the numbers go up to thirteen.
  • Clay has no idea who would send him tapes. How will he even play them? (Hello, it's not 1995 anymore!)
  • He remembers that his dad has an old stereo with a tape deck in the garage, so he heads in there to listen to the first tape.

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