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Thirteen Reasons Why Chapter 6

By Jay Asher

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Chapter 6

Cassette 2: Side B

  • At Monet's, Clay orders coffee and sits down. At the end of each tape, he feels some relief, but also some fear.
  • He's relieved not to hear anything bad about himself but afraid to find out what Hannah will say he did to hurt her.
  • Bracing himself, Clay hits play. At first the volume is so low that he thinks something's wrong with the tape. But it turns out Hannah is just whispering.
  • She says this tape is for Tyler Down, who she calls a "Peeping Tom" (6.57).
  • Hannah says that she's actually recording this tape outside Tyler's window. She wants to understand what he gets out of looking in people's windows.
  • Tyler isn't home yet, but Hannah can see lots of camera equipment in his room.
  • Tyler is the student life photographer for the school yearbook. He recently won a contest for a funny picture of a dog peeing at night. Clay knows that Tyler even has night vision lenses.
  • Hannah continues: Tyler is home now but he hasn't come into his room yet. So while she waits, she tells his story.
  • One week when Hannah's parents were out of town, Hannah went out with a guy. He didn't come into the house, though.
  • When she went into her bedroom, she thought she heard the click of a camera.
  • She wasn't quite sure, so she changed into her pajamas (under the covers just in case). She decided to just pretend the peeper wasn't there.
  • As he's listening to the story, Clay thinks Hannah should have called the police.
  • Back to the tape: Hannah says she's cutting Tyler's story short because he's in his room now. She promises to pick it up later.
  • Her voice is getting louder, and Clay wonders if she wants Tyler to hear her.
  • She describes Tyler taking off his shoes and socks. But that's where she stops. She says she isn't here to watch Tyler or to get revenge on him.
  • As long as everybody passes the tapes on, nobody but those thirteen people will know Tyler's secret.
  • She says she isn't doing this for herself. "So why? Why am I here?" (6.145).
  • Clay is desperate for the answer to that exact question.
  • Hannah says that the next day at school she told a girl what had happened. The girl wasn't a friend of Hannah's but she was very friendly and known for being a good listener.
  • This girl turned out to be trouble. She actually thought it was hot to have a Peeping Tom watch her. She told Hannah to be sure to let her know if he came back.
  • Hannah asked her if she wanted to come over that night to help her catch the guy, and the girl agreed immediately.
  • They hung out in Hannah's house until it got dark, then they went to her bedroom.
  • First they sat on Hannah's bed and gossiped, waiting. When they heard the clicking sound, the girl looked totally shocked. Then she started having fun with it.
  • She asked Hannah to give her a back rub and as Hannah did this, the camera was clicking away.
  • The girl said she wanted to catch the guy and whispered a plan to Hannah. She would start counting, and when she got to three they would both go to the window and catch the peeper.
  • Then the girl got up and went to Hannah's dresser. She made a comment that he'd found several sex toys in Hannah's drawer. Then she started counting, and when she got to three Hannah raised the blind.
  • The peeper took off, and Hannah didn't see his face, just how tall he was and what his hair looked like.
  • The next day, Hannah asked everybody at school where they had been the night before.
  • She says that Tyler's reaction showed he was guilty. He said he didn't go anywhere, then he got all nervous and sweaty and red in the face. He never came back to her house again.
  • After that, Hannah closed her blinds all the way, every night. She never watched the stars or the weather from her bedroom window again. Tyler had taken away the one safe place she had.
  • Hannah says that the next tape will reveal the girl who helped her catch Tyler.

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